Aquarius Bracelet Set (x3 Handmade Bracelets)


These bracelets have been handmade with each crystal picked associated with the Aquarius Zodiac.

The Green Moss Agate & Red Jasper bracelet is specifically combined to bring grounding benefits to the Aquarius wearer. It has 2 Hematite beads added for extra grounding properties!

Jasper comes in many colours, but the red variety works best with Aquarius. This stone connects to the sacral and root chakras, grounding energy and encouraging creativity and self-confidence. Nicknamed “the endurance stone”, jasper helps to keep airy Aquarians anchored and protected from burnout. Useful for clearing base chakras and renowned as a lucky stone that brings prosperity.

A heavy, silver-grey (or reddish) iron ore crystal that grounds and detoxifies, hematite (or haematite) has a name that derives from the Greek word for “blood”. This crystal has self-healing properties that lend themselves to overcoming trauma or self-imposed limitations. It connects you more deeply to your true purpose, which clears confusion. In a sense, hematite brings Aquarius - the air sign - back to earth, balancing idealism with reality. It’s a root chakra stone, and also blocks the EMF pollution that’s emitted by electrical devices.

It's known as the most powerful of the agate stones. It's a great stone for Aquarius people.

Moss agate is known to bring balance, reduce stress, and foster peace. This stone also helps with staying focused on goals and encourages creativity. It is a protective and lucky stone, also known to bring abundance to the wearer.