Dream/Banded Amethyst Heart Carvings


Banded Amethyst combines the high spirituality of Amethyst with the incredible amplifying power of Clear Quartz and the gentle support of Snow Quartz. Together they create a unique energy for wisdom, self-reflection and personal growth. Banded Amethyst provides us with the soulful strength we need to follow our spiritual callings, even if there is some discomfort along the way. It is especially good if we have left the faith of our childhood behind and are embracing a new understanding of Truth and Light. Banded Amethyst helps us to assess what we have learned and to test our beliefs against reality. It asks us to carefully check if our words, actions and beliefs match the moral code we claim to follow. It asks us to notice what is Good and what brings long lasting peace into our life and the lives of others. Banded Amethyst also heightens intuition. It can show us how to tap into the power of unseen forces and our own psychic gifts. As such, it is a particularly good healing stone for anyone interested in spiritual/energetic healing, such as Reiki.

Banded Amethyst has a warm and soft energy, which is gentler than pure Amethyst, helping us to feel cozy and safe. It breaks up any negative energy that has gotten trapped in our heart or mind, causing us distress and making us feel small. Banded Amethyst reminds us of our royal nature and bows down to us so that we can confidentially step into our power. It is especially supportive if we need help identifying the root causes behind negative behaviors and emotional patterns. It shines a bright light directly on the source of our discomfort and then swings the light over to us so that we recognize where our power needs to be brought into play. Banded Amethyst reminds us that oftentimes simple changes, if they are the right change, can have an enormously positive impact. While it might not be easy to make changes, Banded Amethyst assures us that it will always be worth it to prioritize peace and healing. Banded Amethyst asks us to please stop resisting those things which serve our Highest Good. When we step into our power, we truly embrace the life and Higher Self that will bring us the greatest satisfaction and contentment.

Banded Amethyst encourages clarity and realistic optimism. It helps us to see that there is a positive solution for every problem and that struggle is not always required. It is a wonderful stone for manifestation, helping us move from merely thinking and talking about the things we wish to accomplish, to actively engaging in the work. Banded Amethyst is fantastic tool for understanding abstract ideas, making it a useful talisman for philosophers and scientists alike. It encourages us to think clearly and thoroughly, and to carefully check our conclusions to make sure they match reality. If something doesn’t make sense, Banded Amethyst asks us to hold off on making any decisions or beliefs, until we understand better. It reminds us that a half-baked idea or a poorly-thought-out conclusion will never be in our best interest. Banded Amethyst asks us to value truth and understanding, and to avoid mental laziness.

Chakra - Third Eye 🟣 Crown ⚪
Element - Wind 🌬️
Zodiac - Virgo ♍ Capricorn ♑ Aquarius ♒ Pisces ♓