EMF Protection Bracelets




The metallic element, Greek name, and pure penchant for protection puts Pyrite on the map as a super saver when it comes to protecting you from environmental and even emotional waves of negativity. Along with cutting through the problems caused by EMF, Pyrite is great for giving you an energetic boost meaning that its an excellent stone to place in your home office or wherever you need to work quickly with technology.


This dreamy dark mineral crystal certainly packs a punch when it comes to protecting you from EMF smog and radiation. In the battlefields of Ancient Rome it was said that soldiers used to stud their armor with hematite as a form of protection. Hematite goes by another name - The Blood Stone. This is because it boasts bountiful blood cleansing properties, which can also help clear your body of toxins. Rich in iron, this is a great crystal for placing close to your workstation or wherever you tend to have an abundance of technology.

Black Tourmaline

One of the most protective crystals in the world, if you want to surround yourself in a force field of the finest protection, this midnight black stone is the ultimate talisman to keep you safe. Along with being a huge grounding force when it comes to personal energy, it is well versed in clearing away the EMF smog that wants to invade your space. As a highly intuitive and absorbing stone, Black Tourmaline will also block negative energies and spin them into positive vibes.


Ancient and amazing, Shungite is a force to be reckoned with. This 2-million-year-old stone is so potent it is said to be able to stop anything hazardous to human health right in its tracks and to fully absorb and dispel negative energy. How does Shungite hit such high notes when it comes to EMF protection? This stone is made up of a staggering 98 percent carbon meaning that it has a lot of weight to work with.