Hematite stretch bracelet for healing


*Hematite is a phenomenal grounding stone and can help us to survive and thrive no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in. It is particularly useful during difficult seasons of life. Hematite encourages us to be honest and able to look directly at the source of our discomfort, so that we can make amends, heal and move forward. When necessary, it will also give us strength so we cut ties with whatever is no longer serving us. If the problems are internal, rather than external, Hematite helps us feel safer as we explore our Shadow Self. Hematite helps us to stay connected to our own bodies and the Earth while engaging in high spiritual work or energetic traveling. It gives us a warm sense of security, so that we feel safe enough to do the important work we need to do. It lifts away feelings of shame, confusion and despair, replacing those energies with determination to do better and to play a positive role in the world. Hematite gives us a keen discernment so that we can know the truth and act accordingly.

*Hematite is also known for its power to transmute and block out negative energies including EMF's. It is one of the power houses when it comes to blocking EMF smog.

*Hematite increases our self-confidence. It briskly removes any self-limitations we have placed on ourselves and shows us that we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. Hematite helps us to logically explore our motivations, and be very honest with ourselves. It is a fantastic talisman for anyone fighting an addiction or engaged in a lawsuit. It also helps us to acknowledge any mistakes we have made and to make peace and learn from the negative experiences. If our behavior, either intentionally or ignorantly, has caused harm to others, Hematite pushes us to swiftly take responsibility and make amends. However, if we find ourselves getting mired in excessive feelings of guilt or shame, Hematite gently and sensibly reminds us that those feelings don’t help us or anyone else. Rather than indulging in self-flagellation, it’s far more beneficial to simply learn the lesson and do better in the future.

Chakra - Base/Root 🔴
Element - Earth 🌎
Zodiac - Aries ♈ Aquarius ♒

This is a handmade crystal gemstone stretch bracelet which has been well polished with high quality Hematite beads.

Shape : Bead Bracelet
Type : Hematite
Weight : 20g 0.04lbs
Bead size (diameter) : 8mm 0.31"
Bead quantity per strand: 23 pcs
Strand length 190mm 7.5"
Style : Stretched