Lemon Jade bracelet for healing


*Lemon jade is serpentine’s “sister” gem. It also goes by the names “Yellow Jade” and “New Jade.” Although jade is a common crystal, it is rare to see it in yellow-ray energy, and it requires a number of highly particular circumstances for yellow jade stone to appear on Earth.

*Also referred to as “Honey jade”, it is simply the lemon-colored ray variety of the widely distributed jade stone that may be found in deposits all over the world. It is a stunning and welcoming stone.

*These are perfect for meditation, crystal healing, and massage. The wearer is believed to experience a new optimism thanks to Lemon Jade’s gentle nurturing. When you need hope and joy the most, this stone’s healing qualities will provide them. It encourages you to keep going and has the capacity to drastically alter your life!

*The meaning and energy of Lemon Jade will uplift you and give your soul a feeling of purpose rather than allowing you to continue to wallow in self-pity or misery. The color also represents happiness and friendliness. Additionally, it is thought that this stone raises metabolism and has an impact on the digestive system. Above all, it is a soft yet strong force that promotes harmony in all areas of your life and tranquillity and clarity.

*Lemon Jade will also aid in your emotional recovery by assisting you in letting go of old traumas and assisting you in replacing them with fresh, better memories that bring you joy and satisfaction. Removing all of your traumas while you sleep and letting go of all negative feelings and thoughts, will help you recover emotionally. As a result, when you wake up, you’ll not only feel better but also be incredibly relaxed.

*Lemon Jade is a gemstone thought to offer many advantages, including boosting luck, grounding, and improving relationship maturity. It can help you control your stress levels and keep you from being overly critical of your significant other. Additionally, it improves your ability to focus and exercise leadership.

Chakra - Solar Plexus 🟡 Heart 💚
Element - Fire 🔥
Zodiac - Virgo ♍

This is a handmade crystal gemstone stretch bracelet which has been well polished with high quality Lemon Jade beads.

Shape : Bead Bracelet
Type : Lemon Jade
Weight : 20g 0.04lbs
Bead size (diameter) : 8mm 0.31"
Bead quantity per strand: 23 pcs
Strand length 190mm 7.5"
Style : Stretched