Pink Aventurine bracelet for healing


Pink Aventurine urges us to live from the heart and be willing to love boldly. It reminds us that Love is at the center of all true religions, and that anything that counsels hate or disconnection cannot be true. Pink Aventurine helps us to face difficult situations and to act decisively for the Highest Good. It is a stone of great wisdom, reminding us how lucky we are simply to be alive and able to enjoy all this world offers us. 


Pink Aventurine’s energy is all about being heart-centered and happy. It fights depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions, replacing them with confidence in ourselves and the sure knowledge that we are capable of creating a happier future. It is particularly helpful for overcoming fear and grief after a negative romantic experience. Pink Aventurine is a stone of great courage and helps us to be willing to actually heal, rather than secretly wanting to stay stuck in our own story about being wounded. It also teaches us the power and pleasure of connecting with our sensuality and as a result attracts and celebrates healthy romantic relationships.


Pink Aventurine has a very calming and courageous energy. It helps us to clear our minds of worries and to allow our bodies to relax into deep sleep. It is also very good for fighting nightmares, helping us to quickly wake up and realize that our mental demons can’t hurt us. Moreover, Pink Aventurine can help us to train our minds to create pleasant dreams. Pink Aventurine teaches us that we are strong enough to handle anything life throws at us, whether in reality or just in our own minds. It helps us to find a healthy balance in our romantic relationships and to always look for “win-win” solutions.


Pink Aventurine is believed to be an excellent stone for healing and regulating the physical heart and circulatory system. Metaphysical healers most often use it as a general first aid stone for infants.


Chakras - Heart Chakra 💚

Zodiac - Aries ♈

Element - Earth & Fire 🌍🔥


This is a handmade crystal gemstone stretch bracelet which has been well polished with high quality Pink Aventurine beads.


Colour and pattern may vary from image as each Gemstone is unique.


Shape : Bead Bracelet 

Type : Pink Aventurine 

Weight : 20g 0.04lbs

Bead size (diameter) : 8mm 0.31"

Bead quantity per strand: 23 pcs

Strand length 190mm 7.5"

Style : Stretched