Blue Lace Agate with Clear Quartz Bracelet for healing


This handmade Blue Lace Agate has been paired with Clear Quartz (The master healer) to enhance its properties.

Blue Lace Agate is above all a stone of soothing energies. It is best known for:

Calming energy

Building confidence

Promotes compassion, peace, and understanding

Inspires loyalty and trustworthiness

Helping you express your emotions 

Its strongest properties provide both Calming and Stress Relief.

It is said that Blue Lace Agate has been used as a healing stone for thousands of years. It is believed that ancient Egyptians wore Blue Lace Agate jewelry for eye ailments.

Blue Lace Agate’s energies flow like gentle running water over you and wash away anything that is troubling you.

It helps to ease an overactive mind and allows you to release negative emotions. It calms your nerves and helps you to communicate your emotions in a way that is positive for you and those around you.

While it looks delicate, Blue Lace Agate’s gentle energy is still very powerful.


Clear Quartz amplifies power and energy. Instead of giving us it’s own unique essence, it simply resonates with pure clean “neutral good” energy. Clear Quartz can be used to support any purpose and strengthens the power and energy of other crystals. It is a fantastic tool for focusing and energizing our intentions, goals, affirmations and manifestations. It likewise amplifies our psychic gifts and the power of prayer. It is also a very good tool for meditation, especially if we are seeking an empty mind. Clear Quartz provides clarity and strength for our spiritual life. It reveals our spiritual purpose and the truth of who we are. Clear Quartz encourages us to act as amplifiers too – making choices and taking actions that raise the vibration in our own life and in the lives of those around us.


Clear Quartz helps us recognize and access our own pure energy. Its neutral energy invites us to be less judgmental and emotional, and more discerning and honest. With its help we see the truth clearly and we grow up. Clear Quartz reveals false beliefs and negative choices that do not serve us. It also helps us recognize the uplifting beliefs and positive choices that serve us well. Clear Quartz shows us where growth is still needed and what we need to do to create the happiest and healthiest life possible. In all aspects, Clear Quartz encourages us to find alignment and balance. It encourages us to let go of “victim mentality” and realize we are responsible for accepting or denying our Personal Power.