Rose Quartz with Charm Bracelet for Healing


Rose Quartz is the quintessential stone for all things related to love – including self love, romantic love, family and platonic love, as well as community and global love. If you need a love stone for any purpose under the sun, Rose Quartz will gladly assist you. It gleefully helps us to attract new people to love and encourages us to welcome newcomers into our lives. Rose Quartz happily teaches us how to nurture our existing relationships. It shows us that when we love people unconditionally, we allow them to breath deeply and to let their true selves come out to play. With love, all things become possible. If our hearts have been broken, this gem wraps us up in a cocoon of love and allows us to work through our emotions at our own speed. It asks us to believe that eventually love will find us again. It whispers into our heart that the past is the past, our future has delicious adventures still in store. Rose Quartz celebrates every time our heart is brave and generous. It encourages us to continually GIVE love joyfully and wisely and to continually receive LOVE with grace and delight.

Chakra - Heart 💚

Element - Water 🌊

Zodiac - Taurus ♉ Libra ♎